Burt Reynolds, 81, Makes Rare Public Appearance While Promoting New Film

Burt Reynolds made a rare public appearance on Saturday when he attended the premiere of his new film, Dog Years, at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

The 81-year-old actor struggled to walk when he worked the red carpet, at one point needing to be given a chair while being interviewed by a group of reporters and taking photos with the cast.

Reynolds was joined on the carpet by his Dog Years costar Chevy Chase, whose shirt was for some reason drenched in water, and Robert De Niro, who started the film festival.

“Great to see Mr. De Niro, who I love, and … you know, all the people that I know,” Reynolds told the Associated Press at the event. “It’s very sweet.”

Reynolds’ costar Ariel Winter was also at the event, where she spoke to reporters about being viewed as a role model for young girls. Nikki Blonsky and Clark Duke also star in the film.

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It was a rare outing for Reynolds, whose last public appearance was when he was promoting his memoir, But Enough About Me, in April of last year. While attending a Q&A session for the book in Florida, the actor reunited with his “first kiss,” Ann Lawlor Scurry.

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Heath Ledger’s Family Comes Together for the Premiere of His Documentary

Heath Ledger‘s sisters came together Sunday to remember the late actor nine years after his death at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of the documentary I Am Heath Ledger, which provides an insight look at his life as movie star and father as well as his troubled final days.

Ledger’s older sister Kate Ledger and half-sister Ashleigh Bell posed for photos together on the red carpet with the film’s director, Derik Murray.

His sister Kate previously told PEOPLE that in some ways the “beautiful” film is Ledger’s final gift to his now 11-year-old daughter, Matilda.

“You can tell her about things, but with her being able to visually see his movement and his expressions, it’s almost like he had actually filmed the documentary himself and pieced it together for her,” she said.

Michelle Williams has parented the former couple’s child on her own for nine years since Ledger’s death from an accidental overdose inside a Manhattan apartment on Jan. 22, 2008. He was 28.

“The way she’s been an incredible mother, she has hero status all across the board,” Ledger’s close friend Matt Amato, with whom he co-founded the music and film company The Masses, previously told PEOPLE.

Kate also praised Michelle as “really grounded and down to earth,” and says the similarities between her niece and her late brother are striking.

“When  picks up her pencil, it reminds me of Heath; when she walks, it reminds me of Heath; when she gets on her skateboard, it reminds me of Heath,” she said. “I tell her about her daddy every time we see each other. I tell her little stories of him growing up and how he used to chase me with the cricket bat.”

For more on Heath Ledger, including the revealing new documentary about his life and legacy, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE

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The documentary also includes footage filmed by Ledger himself, including himself on the set of 2000’s The Patriot.

The Revolutionary War epic, costarring Mel Gibson, would become a breakout film for the actor, who was just coming off his first turn as a teenage heartthrob in 10 Things I Hate About You.

“So this is first day shooting; this is first on The Patriot for me,” Ledger tells the camera. “I’m looking forward to it. It’s been three months since I found out I got this job, and finally, after three months of sitting around thinking about it, I get to go do it. This is it. So blink my eyes and I’ll be out there.”

After Ledger gives an exaggerated blink to the camera, the footage cuts to some on-set action from the film, showing Ledger hiding behind a tree before taking aim at a group of British soldiers.

Longtime agent and friend Steve Alexander said Ledger loved “disappearing” into a role, but adds that the star felt less at ease in the Hollywood glare, which is evident in the documentary.

“There is this great footage that he seems to have taken himself playful, artistic side,” says Alexander. “But when you see him in the red carpet events, he doesn’t look as comfortable.”

I Am Heath Ledger is set to premiere on Spike TV on May 17 following its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. (The documentary will also have a special one-night theatrical release on May 3.)

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Passenger Speaks out About Confronting the American Airlines Attendant Who Grabbed a Mother’s Stroller

An upset passenger seen in a now-viral video, which depicted tension after a mother’s stroller was “violently” grabbed by a flight attendant, is speaking out about the onboard tension.

“A baby almost got hurt. That’s what just fired me up, so that was it. I don’t want to make a big deal about it,” Tony Fierro, who was identified as the man who approached the attendant after the incident, said about the situation to WFAA-TV.

The video began with the mom in tears with her baby in her arms, asking for her stroller back while the plane was still at the gate in San Francisco. According to the man who originally posted the video on Facebook, a flight attendant had grabbed the woman’s stroller as she attempted to place it in an overheard bin, nearly hitting her and her child.

Fierro had gotten up and approached the front of the plane where the attendant, young mother, and other crew members were gathered. He asked for the flight attendant’s name, and after initially returning to his seat, he rejoined the situation, exchanging heated words with the attendant.

Surain Adyanthaya, who posted the video, also recounted the scenario from his perspective.

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“He was very upset. He grabbed it and just pulled it off, sort of violently yanked it, and then stormed off the plane with it,” Adyanthaya told WFAA-TV.

In a statement on Saturday, American Airlines said they have launched an investigation into the incident, and the passenger and her family were upgraded to first class for the remainder of their international trip.

“The actions of our team member captured here do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care. In short, we are disappointed by these actions. The American team member has been removed from duty while we immediately investigate this incident,” the airline said.

The flight eventually took off and landed at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, according to WFAA-TV.

The incident follows United Airlines’ own public relations troubles. United made headlines earlier this month after aggressively dragging a passenger off their plane after he wouldn’t volunteer his seat for crew members on an overbooked flight.

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Greet Each Other but ‘Weren’t Friendly’ at Hollywood Party: Source

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are keeping it civil.

The former couple turned out separately on Saturday night for Jennifer Meyer‘s star-studded 40th birthday party in West Hollywood, California.

“At the party, Orlando and Katy had a quick hello and a brief chat,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They weren’t too friendly and hung out with separate friends at the party.”

Bloom, 40, kept things casual with a black and tan jacket, dark pants and a baseball cap. His former flame, 32, looked edgy with a red lip that matched her sunglasses and her newly cropped ‘do.

After a budding romance filled with PDA-packed vacations, spending time with each other’s families and celebrating the holidays together, Bloom and Perry called it quits in February.

At the time, a Perry source said that over the last few weeks, the relationship “just became more and more work to make it work,” said the source. “Because this wasn’t something permanent, it just became time to take a break.”

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Other A-listers at the birthday bash included Gwyneth PaltrowDemi MooreJennifer Aniston and husband Justin TherouxCourteney Cox, Jessica Alba and more.

Paltrow commemorated her ladies’ night out with a smiley friend photo shared on Instagram.

“I went out on a Saturday night and lo and behold, some of my best girls had up and done the same #happy40thJM 💖💖💖,” the actress, 44, captioned her photo.

Meyer’s estranged husband, Tobey Maguire, was also at the party with longtime pal Leonardo DiCaprio. Another source tells PEOPLE that the exes — who split in October — are still “great friends” but that they have both moved on. The couple has two children together.

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‘I Don’t Know Where to Start’: Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s 4-Year-Old Son Hospitalized After Being Bitten by Dog

Kim Zolciak-Biermann shared sobering news that her 4-year-old son Kash was bit by a dog and suffered “very traumatic injuries.”

The Don’t Be Tardy star posted a photo of husband Kroy Biermann holding Kash’s hand while the little boy lies in a hospital bed covered in a blanket.

“I don’t know where to start. The last 14hrs of our lives has been a living nightmare. My sweet @kashbiermann was bit by a dog and had very traumatic injuries. I’ve never prayed so hard, or been so scared in my life,” she wrote.

“My husband, our daughters, Kj, Tracey, his nanny, Michael Beck and everyone close to us all pulled together and held each other up. Kash was in the operating room for a couple hours and now we are praying for a quick speedy recovery.

Zolciak-Biermann also added that she has cancelled her Watch What Happens Live appearance, which was set for Sunday on Bravo.

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“Thank you for all your prayers and most importantly Thank you God for your protection ❤️ A very special Thank you to my incredible medical team! A few days in the hospital and we will be back home ❤️,” she wrote.

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Chris Pratt Admits Claiming Blue Collar Americans Aren’t Represented in Films Was a ‘Stupid Thing to Say’

Chris Pratt isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong.

During the interview that corresponded with his April cover of Men’s Fitness, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star said that he rarely sees his own upbringing represented in movies.

“I don’t see personal stories that necessarily resonate with me, because they’re not my stories,” Pratt, 37, told the magazine. “I think there’s room for me to tell mine, and probably an audience that would be hungry for them. The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn’t necessarily represented in Hollywood.”

After facing some backlash on the comment, Pratt took to Twitter on Friday to apologize.

“That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I’ll own that,” he wrote. “There’s a ton of movies about blue collar America.”

“Clearly he hasn’t seen literally every movie that’s come out in the last 50 years—let alone recent films about hard-working white men like Manchester by the Sea and Sully,” one writer saidwhile Twitter users were happy to provide other examples of TV shows and movies that they felt fit the bill.

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In the same interview, the actor opened up about the polarizing nature of modern politics.

“I really feel there’s common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us,” he said. “You’re either the red state or the blue state, the left or the right. Not everything is politics. And maybe that’s something I’d want to help bridge, because I don’t feel represented by either side.”

On Friday, Pratt was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where he was joined by his wife, Anna Faris, and 4-year-old son, Jack.

Pratt was visibly emotional when he took the podium. “I’m a man of faith and I believe that God works in mysterious ways and gives us signs and gifts in life — and those gifts oftentimes come in the form of people,” he began. “So I’ll just spend the rest of my time expressing gratitude for the people in my life who are gifts.”

Afterward, Pratt reflected on his momentous day, telling PEOPLE he felt like he was in “the eye of the storm.”

“It feels great,” he said. “It feels a little bit like I’m in the eye of the storm so it’s calm, but I know there’s some pretty wild things happening all around me.”

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Erin Moran’s Neighbors Say She Was ‘Full of Energy’ Before She Died in Her Mother-in-Law’s Trailer

Neighbors of Erin Moran, the actress best known for her work in the sitcoms Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, remembered her as a friendly member of their mobile home community following her shocking death on Saturday. However, they also say she became more reclusive in recent months.

Officers in Harrison County in Indiana responded to reports of an unresponsive female in Corydon, Indiana, on Saturday afternoon. First responders determined that the woman, identified as Moran, had deceased, PEOPLE has confirmed (the news was first reported by TMZ). An autopsy is pending.

According to neighbors, the actress died in the weathered, gray trailer she shared with her second husband, Walmart employee Steve Fleischmann, and mother-in-law in rural New Salisbury, Indiana. The trailer park is somewhat run-down but clean and quiet.

“She was kind of hyper, full of energy,” neighbor Arthur Myers, 81, tells PEOPLE. “She’d walk like she was getting exercise. Always in street clothes. She was always friendly and waved, but I never talked to her at length.”

However, in recent months, Moran didn’t venture out very often.

“I used to see her all the time, walking up to get the mail or just out for a stroll,” says neighbor David Holt, 61. “She always waved or stopped to say hello. But I hadn’t seen her for a couple of months. She kind of hibernated at the end. It’s so sad. She was a good person.”

Although Holt said the actress still yearned to return to Hollywood, she was very down to earth.

“I recognized her when she moved in around 2011,” he says. “I said, ‘Weren’t you on Happy Days?’ and she said, ‘Yeah,’ in a way I could tell she missed it. She used to tell me how they were one big family, and talk about the possibility of a reunion coming up.”

“She didn’t have an attitude, or let on that she felt she didn’t belong here,” Holt continues. “It was just, ‘You’re on top one day, and then you’re on the bottom.’ But I do think she was still hopeful.”

Neighbor Jerry Benet, 53, said he once got the courage to tell her he was a fan. “I said, ‘I used to watch your show all the time when I was a kid.’ And she smiled and changed the subject like it was too much to talk about.”

Sheriff’s deputies and EMTs arrived at Moran-Fleischmann’s trailer after 4 p.m. on Saturday, followed by a coroner’s van, several neighbors said. Authorities would not publicly confirm where Moran was found when she died.

“I had a sinking feeling it was Erin,” says Holt.

Moran, best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi, married Fleischmann in 1993. The couple moved into Fleischmann’s mother’s trailer in Indiana so Moran could act as her caregiver, her publicist confirmed to ABC News in June 2012. Before they moved to Indiana, TMZ reported that Moran’s Palmdale, California, home had been foreclosed on.

Moran also appeared on The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote and The Bold and the Beautiful.

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