Wedding Week: From Black Tie to Beach Chic, What Your Man Should Wear to Every Kind of Summer Wedding

If your fridge looks anything like ours right now, it has at least one ivory rectangle requesting (in carefully-chosen calligraphy) the pleasure of your company at the wedding of your former sorority sister to a guy that she met on Bumble. And on another smaller ivory rectangle it specifies a dress code. Only, there’s nothing specific about the wording (looking at you, “dressy casual”). You’ve read our guide to exactly what it all means for you – but what about your date? Should he wear a tuxedo or a dark suit? And what about the “festive attire” rehearsal dinner? From black tie to beach chic, here’s some easy advice on what outfit options guys have these days, courtesy of Frank Muytjens, head of men’s design at J.Crew.
If the dress code is black tie…
He should wear: A tuxedo (peak lapel or shawl collar) with a tuxedo shirt and a bow tie or a slim dark tie.
Frank’s styling tip: Go all out by adding studs, cufflinks and patent leather shoes. Another cool idea: Take a page from Hollywood and rock a navy tuxedo.
It the dress code is black tie optional or formal…
He should wear: A tuxedo or a formal dark suit (read: not the same one you wear to work) with a slim, dark tie.
Frank’s styling tip: Dress up a suit with a textured shirt with a spread collar and French cuffs.
If the dress code is semi-formal or dressy casual or anything that ends in “chic”…
He should wear: A dark navy or charcoal gray suit with a crisp white shirt.
Frank’s styling tip: Upgrade the look with a coordinating tie and pocket square and add some personal flair with a cool pair of socks.
If the dress code is casual (think beach wedding or a rehearsal dinner)…
He should wear: A cotton khaki or seersucker suit or pants with a sports jacket (check out J. Crew’s popular Unstructured Ludlow blazer, $168, which comes in several summer-friendly colors).
Styling tip: Swap a standard white button-down for a gingham shirt or a fine-knit polo.
What other questions do you have about guy wedding style? Tell us in the comments below!



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