April the Giraffe’s Baby Boy Needs a Name and You Could Be the One to Choose it

Now that April’s baby is here, there is one important piece of business left.

This newborn needs a name.

Animal Adventure Park is leaving the big decision in the hands of the public with a naming contest. All you need to do to participate is head over to nameaprilscalf.com. There, you may submit as many names as you desire (a minimum of five) at the cost of $1 for each entry.

The money raised by this contest will go to helping others. All proceeds will be split between giraffe conservation efforts, Ava’s Little Heroes — an event that raises money for children battling unexpected and expensive medical issues — and to Animal Adventure Park, so the zoo can continue to improve the lives of the animals under its care.

The initial stage of the voting process will last several days, after which the zoo will choose the top 10 names out of the submissions. Animal lovers can then vote on their favorite one out of these 10. The winning name will be given to April’s new calf.

Be clever, be cute, just be sure this baby giraffe gets a name.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/pets/april-the-giraffes-baby-boy-needs-a-name-and-you-could-be-the-one-to-choose-it/


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