Justin Theroux and His Biceps Leave the Gym After a Workout

He’s Justin Ther-ipped!

Justin Theroux shared his buff biceps and shoulders with the world after a trip to the gym on Tuesday. The pumped-up actor donned a muscle-baring sleeveless T-shirt as he walked to his car in West Hollywood.

The Leftovers actor, 45, previously told Men’s Health that he ramps up his workouts before starting any new project.

“You have to come in to filming in the best shape you can because as the hours and weeks grind on you, you find yourself not having the luxury of going to the gym and doing the big workouts you like to do,” Theroux said. “The beauty of workouts now is that you really just need some rubber bands and a kettlebell and you can set up anywhere.”

But his wife Jennifer Aniston told PEOPLE that Theroux basically looks this good all the time.

“It’s sort of a genetic thing,” Aniston, 48, said. “He can work out or not and he has that body. It’s not fair!”

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“It’s sort of God-given,” she said, laughing. “And an ‘F You’ to all of us!”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/bodies/justin-theroux-ripped-arms-after-workout/


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