Nicki Minaj Is a Literal Queen on Her Throne in ‘No Frauds’ Video

Nicki Minaj’s feud with rapper Remy Ma isn’t over just yet.

Minaj just released the flashy new video for her song “No Frauds,” a diss track that makes a few obvious swipes at Remy Ma, alluding to the MC’s time in prison and her own diss tracks against Minaj.

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Minaj released the song, featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, last month along with two others, “Regret in Your Tears” and “Changed It.” On Twitter this week, Minaj confirmed that “No Frauds” was the first single from her upcoming fourth studio album. She also shared a clip from an upcoming video for “Regret in Your Tears.”

And if that’s not enough to keep her busy, Minaj recently teamed up with DNCE for their new single “Kissing Strangers” and collaborated with Major Lazer for “Run Up.”  Watch the “No Frauds” video above.

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