Raffi (Yes, the Children’s Entertainer) Is In a Twitter Feud with The New Pornographers’ Frontman

The hottest Twitter feud on the Internet this week is centered around the man who gave the world “Bananaphone.”

Longtime Canadian children’s entertainer Raffi Cavoukian took to the web to issue his distaste with the name of the band the New Pornographers on Tuesday.

Responding to a tweet about the group, Cavoukian wrote, “strongly object to that name. as bad as ‘food p**n’ etc.”

He further explained his issues with the name in response to another user, writing “not a word to normalize in public conversation. consider youngsters, etc.”

The New Pornographers – a rock group also from Canada – caught onto Cavoukian’s criticism, and frontman Carl Newman was ready with comebacks.

“TFW someone whose music you loved as a child says mean things about your life’s work,” wrote Newman. He added in another Tweet, “Actually I am not very familiar w/ Raffi’s work. Just sent that tweet to make him feel bad. Always preferred puppet-oriented entertainment.”

Newman continued to zing Cavoukian on the social media site, writing, “Playing Raffi for my 5 year old + he says ‘Is this the man that hates Daddy?’ Heartbreaking. ‘No, he doesn’t hate Daddy’ I say, hugging him.”

Newman then poked fun at Cavoukian’s own 1977 album with a dual-meaning title: Adult Entertainment.

“You can use whatever euphemisms you want but let me say this: it sickens me, @Raffi_RC,” he said.

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After all the back-and-forth, it seems, however, that Cavoukian was waving the white flag: he followed Newman on Twitter.

In Cavoukian’s own words: “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/music/raffi-twitter-feud-with-new-pornographers-frontman/


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