Terra Jolé Reveals She Doesn’t Have Cancer: ‘It Was an Overwhelming Feeling of Freedom’

Terra Jolé is breathing a big sigh of relief.

In February, the mother of two told PEOPLE that her breast “began to discharge blood” during her pregnancy “weeks prior to filming” the new season of Little Women: LA. After a series of tests and a biopsy, Jolé, who revealed that cancer runs in her family, said doctors “found something that may be cancerous.”

Thankfully, the reality star is revealing in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE that her results came back negative — she doesn’t have breast cancer!

“There is nothing more nerve-racking than waiting for your breast cancer results. All you can really do is stay positive and keep your mind busy. I found myself pushing the family out to water parks and other day adventures. Things that I knew would be harder to do if facing an uphill cancer battle. Basically my goal was to spend every free moment enjoying my family and not thinking about what’s to come,” she says in the PEOPLE exclusive statement.

“When I first found out I was cancer free it was an overwhelming feeling of freedom. No longer facing what was to come and free to no longer stress on the what ifs. My husband Joe stayed strong but after finding out I was cancer free really shared with me how scared he was about the possibility. He even mentioned moving around family if we needed help. It’s wild to know he kept his feelings from me and remained so strong while we waited for the results. Tears of Joy,” says Jolé.

She is also encouraging women to be aware of changes in their bodies, and to not neglect visiting a doctor if they suspect something might be wrong.

“This process has taught me that just because you’re not 40 yet doesn’t mean you need to take your breast lightly. If you feel or see anything out of the ordinary, have it checked by a professional. You as well may need a mammogram before your big 4-0 hits,” her statement continues. “Your life depends on you being aware of your changing body.”

As she awaited the diagnosis, Jolé, who is married to Joe Gnoffo, said, “I’m praying that everything will come back negative,” and added, “I don’t want the burden of a health crisis to affect my children or husband.”

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Lifetime.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/tv/terra-jole-reveals-she-doesnt-have-cancer/


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