‘Caught Red-Handed Vandalizing a Refrigerator’: Clinton Aide Sarcastically Captions Happy Photos of Hillary on the Campaign Trail to Rebut New Book

After a new book alleged that Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 presidential campaign was plagued by infighting, dysfunction and “a feeling of impending doom,” a former top Clinton aide took to Twitter on Wednesday night to set the record straight.

Nick Merrill, Clinton’s former campaign press secretary, shared a series of smiling photos of the 2016 Democratic nominee and her team on the campaign trail, prefacing it: “Here is the cold, hard truth. Click at your own peril.”

To cement his point, he added sarcastic captions about each of the moments, which included a grinning Clinton holding a baby (“Where did she get that baby anyway?”), autographing a fridge (“Caught red-handed vandalizing a refrigerator.”) and happily posing with a supporter dressed in a Hillary-themed costume (“She has no tolerance for costumes. Only pantsuits.”).

Released Tuesday, the book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, by political journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, paints a portrait of a presidential bid derailed by missteps and missed opportunities, “angst and infighting,” and most of all — by the candidate herself.

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Merrill is not the only Clinton aide who has come to her defense over the past few days. Clinton’s former communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, also shared photos of happy moments on the campaign trail, and sent out a tweet saying: “I don’t recognize the campaign depicted in Shattered. It was tough but we stuck together & all our proud of how hard our candidate fought.”

She was replying to a tweet from former top Clinton aide Christina Reynolds, who said: “The campaign wasn’t easy, but I don’t agree with the depiction in a new book.”

Despite the books’ claims, Merrill concluded his Twitter photo essay by suggesting that you can’t keep a good woman down.

“Never in my life have I met anyone who has endured more crap and keeps going for all the right reasons than @HillaryClinton,” he wrote.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/politics/hillary-clinton-aide-book-shattered-campaign-infighting/


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