Royal Hand-Me-Down! Crown Princess Victoria Wears Her Mother Queen Silvia’s Dress from the ’80s

No daughter of a well-dressed mother can resist the occasional closet raid. Especially a palace closet!

This week, Crown Princess Victoria, who is visiting Japan on official business (without her husband, Prince Daniel, and children Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar), wore a navy blue dress with red polka dots, striped sleeves and a bow detail at the neck.

But with this outfit came a sense of royal fashion déjà vu. And a few eagle-eyed royal watchers noticed why: The dress is not a new style. In fact, it was seen three decades ago — on Victoria’s mother, Queen Silvia, 73.

Yes, even queens hand down their favorite garments to their daughters after they’ve finished with them. (Or, let their daughters go shopping in their closet!) The dress is a vintage piece, and Silvia has been seeing wearing it as early as 1978 — just a year after Victoria was born.

And though it’s been several decades, the style still holds up.

Victoria wore the dress on the first day of her visit, where she attended a seminar on sustainability at the United Nations University in Tokyo.

Mother and daughter accessorized the dress differently: Silvia, with a red headscarf, and Victoria, with a red clutch. (Both opted for a silver watch.)

Maybe one day, we’ll see 5-year-old Princess Estelle wearing the same dress, too!



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