Royal Trio William, Kate and Harry Spice Up Their Day Meeting Emma Bunton

That’s two Spice Girls in a week! A day after Prince William he handed Victoria Beckham an award at Buckingham Palace, he and Princess Kate and Prince Harry bumped into another member of the group, Emma Bunton – aka Baby Spice.

The royal trio watched Bunton’s national radio show being broadcast when they visited a college preparing students for a future in the media industry.

William, Kate (in a red suit by Armani) and Harry met young people from the Global Academy in Hayes, west London, helping out with the production of Heart radio’s breakfast show presented by Bunton and Jamie Theakston as it was broadcast from the school on the western edge of London early Thursday.

Theakston reportedly quipped, “I’m not sure the royal party has been this close to a Spice Girl.”

He may not be up on his recent royal history! When they were younger the princes met the stratospherically famous band – including, for Harry, at a concert in South Africa when he was just 13.

The royals officially launched the new academy which opened its doors last September and to promote their Heads Together mental health campaign. They took part in a round table discussion with Bunton and Theakston and Capital Radio’s Roman Kemp (the son of Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp) and presenter Nick Ferrari.

Speaking to a group of students, aged between 15 and 17, who have been working in the academy’s radio station on a series of packages focusing on mental wellbeing, Kate asked, “Is this an issue you knew about or had experienced before this? Have any of you spoken to your friends or family about issues that have been bothering you?”

Oliver Monger, 16, from Uxbridge, who hopes to go into the film industry, revealed he was shy to talk to “to someone so high.”

Smiling Kate told him, “I’m shy as well, so don’t worry.’

Afterwards Monger told reporters, “That was just fantastic. It has really boosted my confidence. I had no idea what to say at first but she really put me at ease.”

When she caught sight of the young budding studio engineers working on some footage of William’s transatlantic chat with Lady Gaga she was seen smiling to herself.

That FaceTime talk, and the visit today, is part of several days of the trio promoting their mental health initiative, that started with Harry talking frankly about having therapy to cope with the loss of his mother Princess Diana 20 years ago. And yesterday, he was praised by his sister-in-law Kate, who described him as “brilliant.”

He was followed by William speaking of his heartbreak at losing Diana.



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