Wildlife Park Will Officially End April the Giraffe’s Live Stream on Friday

Savor these final moments, April fanatics.

On Thursday, Animal Adventure Park announced the date and time when April the Giraffe’s live stream will officially end.

“Giraffe Cam will go dark Friday at 4:30 pm eastern. We will all be there to say goodbye,” the wildlife park wrote in the post.

This marks the end of a months-long journey, where millions of animal lovers kept a watchful eye on the pregnant giraffe, who is now a proud mom.

For those still aching for more April updates, Animal Adventure Park has your back. The zoo will announce how it will keep the public updated on April and her son in the coming week. For now, you can subscribe to text alerts to stay in the know and get photos sent straight to your phone.

You can also keep connected to the calf by voting for his name. Right now, front runners include Apollo, Patches, Peter and Noah.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/pets/wildlife-park-will-officially-end-april-the-giraffes-live-stream-on-friday/


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