Add Magic to Your Day with This Video of a Baby Hippo Showering

Giraffes are getting all the love lately, but there are other zoo animals being born every day.

One arrival that isn’t April’s baby is Fiona the hippo. This pudgy ball of precious was born six weeks premature in January at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Keepers were originally worried that the newborn wouldn’t make it, but Fiona is a fighter.

After weeks of intensive care and her own ups and downs, Fiona is starting to settle into a daily routine. According to the zoo, this includes a morning walk and weigh in, to track her constantly improving health.

On a recent walk in her baby hippo-proofed area, the curious kid decide to step into the shower. Since hippos are natural water lovers, keepers turned the shower on let her feel the drops on her skin.

What followed was Singin’ in the Rain worthy choreography that would make Gene Kelly jealous.



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