Watch Prince William and Princess Kate Crack Each Other Up While Playing DJs for the Day

Prince William and Princess Kate are counting down the hits!

The royal couple popped into BBC Radio One on Friday to surprise DJ Adele Roberts, who is running the London Marathon for the royals’ Heads Together initiative on Sunday.

Will and Kate showed off some serious skills as they made each other laugh during their broadcast.

“It’s Friday! 21st of April, and this is a very special official chart,” William announced in a booming voice. Kate, who sat beside her husband in the DJ booth, couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles as she listened to William through her headphones.

She then took her turn, saying: “We’ll bring you all the big stories, new entries, high climbers and of course, the top ten in full.

“Last week, Harry Styles went straight to No. 1. with his debut single, ‘Sign of the Time.’ Can he do it again?”

Then it was William’s turn.

“Or will Ed Sheeran reclaim that top spot. He had 13 weeks at No. 1 with ‘Shape of You’ before Harry came along and spoiled his Easter…sounds familiar,” he quipped in a hilarious nod to younger brother, Prince Harry.

Earlier in the day, William, Kate and Harry sat down for an honest conversation about mental health in a video for their Heads Together campaign, encouraging everyone to speak openly about the personal issues they may face. The organization aims to combat the stigma around mental health and Will, Kate and Harry have each opened up over the past week about the issues they face.



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