Is This the Song of the Summer? Watch Logan Paul Try to Win Over Alexandra Daddario in New Music Video

When you want it, you want it. And influencer Logan Paul apparently wants Baywatch actress Alexandra Daddario’s heart badly enough to try and woo her over with song.

In his new music video spoof (produced by Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia’s Seven Bucks Digital Studios), the digital celebrity embarks on a quest to get Daddario to fall in love with him after he finds out she only dates musicians. And so he creates what he hopes to be the most epic song of the summer, cleverly entitled…’Song of the Summer!’

Does it work? Not so fast! In a bizarre twist, David Hasselhoff (riding a flying horse, of course) and rapper Desiigner try and thwart his plans.

Sorry Logan—Daddarrio, who appears in the video, ends up flying off with the Hoff in the end.

The biggest catch? The song is actually a super fun jam with a crazy catchy hook—it might just end up being one of the songs of the summer.



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