Katy Perry Joins American Idol! Everything We Know About the Reality Show Reboot

They’re all going to Hollywood!

ABC just confirmed the new judging panel for the upcoming American Idol reboot—and it’s more star-studded than ever.

Katy Perry was confirmed to be a part of the new crew at the ABC upfront on May 16.

As for the host, after weeks of rumors, it remains unconfirmed that Ryan Seacrest will resume his duties on the show, after 15 season when it was on Fox. He’ll still continue to host Live with Kelly and Ryan, balancing both jobs by flying coast to coast each week.

“I had said at the end of the series, ‘Goodbye for now,’ hoping somewhere it would come back,” Seacrest said on Live! on May 8.

A source had earlier confirmed to PEOPLE that Seacrest had never lost his affection for this show:

“As for Ryan, his plate is obviously pretty full already — his priority is Live with Kelly and Ryan, he has big commitments to iHeartRadio daily and the syndicated radio show,” the source said. “That said, Ryan has a lot of affection for Idol given the significance to his career, and it taps into the things he loves — a live show, pop music, discovering new talent, etc.”

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Celebrities not returning to the reboot? Simon Cowell, who previously said that he had no interest in returning, and former contestants Kelly Clarkson (who was briefly rumored to be joining the show last week) and Jennifer Hudson, who will instead join The Voice as coaches.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/music/american-idol-reboot-judge-katy-perry/


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