What We’re Buying: Beauty Influencer Erin Robinson’s Confidence-Boosting Swimsuit

Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PeopleStyle offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” (Just check out our weekly What We’re Loving Right Now gallery for proof!) This week, beauty influencer Erin Robinson is telling us about the swimsuit that gave her confidence after a health scare.

Erin Robinson, beauty influencer and subject of docuseries It Got Real: Erin’s Surgery: I will never forget the moment I saw this Becca swimsuit. I was rushing out of a department store, headed to a red carpet event in Hollywood and as I walked towards the exit, my eye caught this maroon lace-style one-piece swimsuit, and my fashion senses started tingling. I didn’t even have time to try it on, but I decided to take the gamble and buy it anyway because it looked so freaking beautiful.

I recently was diagnosed with fibroids, which are benign tumors in my uterus, and because I had so many of them in my belly region I wasn’t completely confident in my current “bikini body.” I had been on the hunt for a one-piece that would make a statement, but that would also be forgiving of my belly. My prayers were answered. The best part? Not only is it gorgeous and versatile (I’ve actually worn it as a bodysuit out to dinner with jeans), I get so many compliments when I wear it. It also comes in a TON of colors. And, of course, my Becca swimsuit look is NEVER complete without my Quay sunnies!

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Erin stars in a new Clevver docu-series It Got Real: Erin’s Surgery, which launches on Tuesday, May 16 during Women’s Health Week. The series goes behind the cameras to explore an emotional health journey she has been keeping secret until now. Watch the first episode here, and follow Erin on Twitter and Instagram.

What product are you loving right now? Tell us your pick in the comments below!

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/style/erin-robinson-it-got-real-series-swimsuit/


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