5K Run to Raise Money for Bronze Statue of Minnesota Cat Loved by Many, Hit by Car

The Great Catsby — that’s what they call a kitty who became a fixture in one Minnesota community.

A 5K run taking place there this month aims to do something even greater for Catsby: support the creation of a memorial sculpture of the cat to be permanently installed near the fun run’s starting line in Duluth.

The community wants to honor the gray-and-white feline, who was hit and killed by a car in November, and was a friend to Duluth East High School students and staff, people at the Ecumen Lakeshore senior living community, and other residents of the area, according to the Duluth News Tribune

“You’d see a great big group of people and you knew Catsby was in the middle,” resident Deb Hannu told the Tribune of the spunky feline. “He was everyone’s cat.”

As cute as he was, that face wasn’t able to win everyone over. Owner Susan Hagge told the Tribune in November that he was not beloved by all neighbors and that the city’s animal control knew the cat very well.

“That got to be expensive,” she told the paper.

Nevertheless, on May 20 at 10 a.m. those who loved him will pound the pavement to fund a life-sized sculpture by artist Ann Klefstad (10 percent of the proceeds from the run will also be donated to a group called Animal Allies, to donate click here).

“He was good to everyone and he brought us together as a school,” student Jasmine Acosta told the Tribune after the cat’s death this fall. “When we found out he had passed it broke our hearts.”


from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/pets/5k-run-to-raise-money-for-bronze-statue-of-minnesota-cat-loved-by-many-hit-by-car/


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