Ariel Winter Is a Redhead, Completing Her Transformation Into a Disney Mermaid

Ariel Winter has had a busy few weeks. Not only has she been celebrating the conclusion of yet another successful season of the sitcom she stars on, Modern Family, but she’s also been regularly dressing to the nines regardless of the red carpet dress code, twinning with the ever fashionable Jennifer Lopez, continuing to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer, and clapping back at all the internet haters in her free time. And in case the teen didn’t have plenty on her plate already, she also chose this week to totally change up her look, dyeing her hair a vibrant shade of red.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the actress has channeled her Disney mermaid alter ego. Ariel regularly goes back and forth between wearing her hair super dark for the show and then dying it a fresh shade of auburn once they go on break. But while she dabbled with neon pink wigs at Coachella à la Kylie Jenner, the last time we saw her hair this particular color was a full year ago last March though she quickly went back to black three months later.

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So while her latest dye job might not stick around much longer, it’s still a bold beauty shake-up for the 19-year-old. Winter was spotted strolling into a Hollywood hair salon on Wednesday wearing a plain white long-sleeve t-shirt, black frayed booty shorts, white and gold glitter sneakers, a little red Fendi backpack, and a pink baseball cap covering up her previously dark locks. The actress Snapchatted her entire transformation, expressing her excitement over the all-new look and sharing a shot of just her eyes and shower cap-covered head writing simply, “Lookin sexual.” And the results of her day spent at the salon was a head full of hair any aspiring mermaid would be proud of.

What do you think of Ariel’s new look? What color would you like to see her try next? Sound off below!



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