Colombian Malls Are Installing Breastfeeding Mannequins to Reduce Stigma of Nursing in Public

Shoppers at several malls in major Colombian cities may notice some new additions to common spaces.

A breastfeeding rights group, Amigos De La Lactancia (Friends of Breastfeeding), has been installing breastfeeding mannequins in popular malls to help reduce the stigma surrounding nursing in public areas.

“Friends of Breastfeeding is a movement that supports moms who are attacked for feeding their babies in public,” the organization states on their site. “This initiative invites all Colombians to declare themselves as their friends and  shopping centers to make them 100 percent breastfeeding-friendly territories.”

“Friends can be all of us who want moms to feed their babies freely, and feel  to do it in the place they choose,” the site continues. “The more friends moms have, we’ll be getting closer and closer to turning all of Colombia into 100 percent friendly to breastfeeding.”

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The organization has been sharing photos on Instagram of their purposeful installments, and so far they seem to be well received.

Supporters have called the project “excellent” and praised it for being a “beautiful campaign.”



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