Jason Segel Gets a Scandalous Image in His Coffee After Hilarious Latte Art Fail

Latte art is a tricky thing. When done right, it can be a thing of beauty — one coffee engineer even mastered the grand achievement of etching Taylor Swift’s face into foam. In the wrong hands, though, things can sometimes go disastrously.

Enter Jason Segel. When the actor went out for his morning cup of joe on Thursday, he was surprised with a valiant attempt at latte art that turned into a spectacularly funny (potentially NSFW) failure.

“This morning my barista got embarrassed after he made me my coffee,” the How I Met Your Mother star captioned a Twitter photo. “Then he said ‘this wasn’t on purpose.’”

Many of his followers noted that perhaps the employee was merely paying homage to his full frontal scenes in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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While we generally don’t see the merit in posting a picture of your morning coffee on social media, this is probably the ultimate exception to that rule.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/food/jason-segel-nsfw-latte-art-fail/


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