Miley Cyrus Explains Her Dip-Dyed Hair and New Malibu Style

Miley Cyrus is back in the spotlight once again, promoting her new album and showcasing a decidedly different look from what we’ve seen in the past. In fact, the pop star is practically unrecognizable from her days twerking in bejeweled bodysuits, wearing suspenders and pasties as a complete top, sticking out her tongue as a means of conveying every emotion, and piling those controversial faux dreads atop her head. Instead, she’s used this new album to completely reinvent herself once again, showing us a much folksier side to her personal style.

Over the past couple years, Miley has been slowly growing out her peroxide blonde pixie cut. According to Yahoo, in an interview on The Cooper Lawrence Show, Miley was asked about her new hairstyle which features her natural brown roots on top and grown-out bleach blonde locks on bottom, and the singer explained that there’s no high concept behind the look, saying simply, “I like blonde and brown — now I don’t have to choose.” And it seems this new beauty look is just part and parcel of the “Malibu” singer’s head-to-toe surfer girl style makeover.

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But it’s not just her hair that looks markedly different, it’s also the way she’s been dressing.

After all, this is a pop star who on her last tour regularly wore a prosthetic phallus, breasts, and unicorn horn, not to mention her Dirty Hippie accessories line and collection of pot leaf bodysuits. In the place of those NSFW accessories, Cyrus has adopted a much more Australian beach babe aesthetic (perhaps inspired by her fiancé‘s homeland), wearing a whole lot of ditzy print wrap dresses, two-tone denim, bandanas tied around her neck, and the same wide-brimmed hat.

And her performance looks have been just as surprisingly low-key as her morning show ensembles. The singer attended Wango Tango in a look that could only be described as daring if you’re a stickler for the no white before Memorial Day weekend rule, wearing a spaghetti strap tank top, cut-off denim shorts and motorcycle boots. The ensemble she wore on Late Night with Seth Meyers, on the other hand, was a slight return to her eccentric ways, wearing an avant-garde peplum and mutton-sleeved crop top with another pair of two-tone jeans and white mules. But at the end of the day, whether she’s wearing a festival-ready frock or a clear plastic bubble dress, she’s just being Miley.

What do you think of Miley’s new look? Do you prefer her decked out in pasties and glitter or her more subdued folksy vibe? Sound off below!



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