Amy Schumer Makes First Appearance Since Split and Says She Prefers a ‘Nice Guy’

In her first appearance since her split from Ben Hanisch, Amy Schumer revealed she prefers a “nice guy” over a bad boy.

The actress and furniture designer, who were together for nearly a year and a half, confirmed their amicable split to PEOPLE on Tuesday. On Thursday, Schumer, 35, appeared alongside her Snatched costar Goldie Hawn on the U.K.’s Loose Women.

During a game of “What Do You Prefer,” Schumer told the hosts that given the choice between a good guy or bad boy, she prefers the safer option. “I’ll go for nice guy,” she said, according to multiple U.K. outlets.

Hawn had a different opinion on the matter. “I like a bad guy, I have to say,” the 71-year-old reportedly said.

“I’ve got in a lot of trouble with bad guys, but Kurt’s gotten to be a much better guy. That’s for sure,” she joked of her longtime partner Kurt Russell.

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When asked if they like to sleep a man on the first date or take their time, Schumer responded quickly, “First date! Wait for what?”

This time, the ladies agreed. “I was loose. I really was,” Hawn replied. “But by the way, he was loose too!”

She added, “It takes two to be loose. But I knew him, we flirted and stuff, it was consummated on one night. It was all consuming, it’s been that way for 34 years.”

Snatched is in theaters now.



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