Did Queen Elizabeth Carry a Purse with Her Sister’s Face on It?

Queen Elizabeth is never seen without her trusty purse, but on Thursday night she debuted a second clutch that might hold special meaning.

During a rare night out with friends at The Ivy, the monarch was seen carrying a bespoke coin purse with a personalized black-and-white image of a woman with two children.

And the young family looks a lot one like her late sister Princess Margaret — with her classic bouffant hairstyle — and her children, Lady Sarah Chatto and David Armstrong Jones, the Earl of Snowdon.

The Queen and her younger sister shared a lifelong bond. And the Queen has remained close with her niece and nephew since her sister’s death in 2002.

The Queen, 91, dined at the Ivy on Thursday to mark the 80th birthday of the Archduchess Helena of Habsburg. Joined by her cousin Prince Michael of Kent and his wife for the surprise evening out, the party sat down in the private dining room at the fashionable eatery in London.

The Queen was last pictured having a night out in March 2016 when she joined daughter Princess Anne and cousin Princess Alexandra at Bellamy’s restaurant, a French brasserie and oyster bar in central London.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/royals/did-queen-elizabeth-carry-a-purse-with-her-sisters-face-on-it/


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