Inside Country Star Luke Bryan’s Beautiful Florida Beach House, Named to Honor His Late Brother

Luke Bryan’s four-story Florida home is more meaningful than the average beach retreat.

He and wife Caroline nicknamed the property “Snowman,” in honor of the country singer’s late brother, Chris, who died in a car accident when Bryan was 19.

“Evidently, Chris wasn’t a great golfer,” Caroline tells Traditional Home of the unusual name, which in sports speak means scoring an eight on a single hole. “Snowman became his nickname. We named our farm Red Bird Farm after Luke’s sister and wanted to honor Chris as well.” Kelly passed away unexpectedly in 2007.

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Since the death of his siblings, Bryan’s family life has altered significantly. He and Caroline stepped in to help raise Kelly’s son, Til, and daughters Kris and Jordan, in addition to the couple’s two children, Bo, 9, and Tate, 6, all while juggling his quick rise to fame. “It makes you appreciate chasing dreams,” Bryan, 40, told Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist in March.

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Now the busy, blended family has this Southern oasis to escape to, which their longtime designer Chad James says, “is really a space where they can check out and be reclusive. They can just shut off from the outside world for a bit.”


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A crisp color scheme, unobstructed views of the ocean and a fourth-floor addition by architect Geoff Chick imbue the beachfront house with the sense of calm Bryan and his clan crave.

“This is where Luke and I can actually relax and not run 100 miles per hour,” Caroline says. “Typically, all five kids are here with us. There is nothing better. And Luke can fish all day, which makes him the happiest man on the Gulf.”

For more details of the charming cottage-style abode, pick up this month’s issue of Traditional Home, on newsstands May 23.



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