Kate Upton’s Secret Trick for Being a Super Dog Mom

Kate Upton might be preparing to marry Justin Verlander, but she shares her heart with another man, too: Harley the Boxer.

Upton adopted Harley six years ago, and since then they have shared summers on Lake Michigan together, taken countless hikes and have spent hours hanging out all around the world.

“He is pretty much my child,” Upton tells PEOPLE. “I travel a lot with him. I go everywhere with him.”

So yeah, they are close. But as all dog parents know, there’s always the feeling you could be closer. Upton has found that next step with the Link AKC dog collar, for which she (and Harley!) is a spokesperson.

This piece of pet tech has GPS tracking, an activity monitor, a notification for when your pet leaves the house or gets too hot and can provide activity suggestions unique to your dog’s needs.

“It helps me be a better dog mom,” Upton said in between offering Harley words of praise.

“He is a people pleaser. He is really easy to train and he’s smart,” she said of the 7-year-old pup, who overall makes being a pet parent easy for Upton.

But, of course, Harley isn’t totally perfect. Upton admits that her boxer has farts that can clear a room. Luckily, his new gadget is even helping with this by providing tips on a easy-to-digest diet (lots of kibble and plain chicken.)

Closer than ever before, Upton and Harley are looking forward to their next big adventure: marriage. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl said she hopes to find a role for her best friend in her wedding to Harley’s new favorite fetch partner.

Other future plans for Harley include enjoying the summer in safety, thanks to his new collar, and maybe make a quick trip to Bermuda to hang out with fellow sun bathers and go for quick dips in the ocean. Since Upton is his best buddy, we’re sure she’ll be there too.



from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/pets/kate-upton-dog-harley-collar/


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