Princess Eugenie Says She’s a Fan of The Crown: It’s ‘Beautiful’

Well, The Crown does have some royal approval after all.

While it is unknown whether the subject herself, Queen Elizabeth, has seen any of the 10-part first season (in which she is played by Claire Foy), now her granddaughter Princess Eugenie has revealed she’s a fan of the Netflix hit.

“It has been filmed beautifully. The music is wonderful,” she told a gathering in London this week. “The story is beautiful and you feel very proud to watch it.”

The palace has stayed quiet on whether the Queen, 91, has watched the show, but insiders have told PEOPLE that it was the talk of the staff, and that her inner circle watched it early on in private screenings.

Eugenie, 27, shared her critique at a private evening Wednesday hosted by a family friend, Hong Kong businessman Sir David Tang, at the China Exchange in London.

She also spoke about the relationship she has with her “granny” the Queen. “Everyone knows the relationship you have with a grandparent is truly special. You want to hold on to that as long as possible,” she said, according to The Times.



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