Susan Sarandon Doesn’t Think President Trump ‘Will Make It’ Through His Term — but Remains Optimistic About America


Susan Sarandon is speaking out against President Donald Trump.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE at the Cannes Film Festival, the actress says the current political turmoil is actually having a positive effect — and one she’s happy to see.

“I’m actually optimistic because I think we’re seeing an amazing revolution happening,” the star, 70, tells PEOPLE. “Not by the people that claim to be political but by Americans, and I have great faith in America. You’re seeing more people running that have never run.”

Sarandon stunned on the Cannes red carpet on Wednesday when she stepped out in a green velvet gown, pairing the look with dark sunglasses. The actress is in Cannes as a L’Oréal Brand Ambassador and the face of Age Perfect skin care and hair color.


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The actress echoed her previous thoughts on the two-party political system, saying that a “coalition of a lot of parties” would serve the country better.

She also didn’t mince words when it came to how she thinks Trump’s presidency is going.

“I’m excited and encouraged by the idea that maybe if everything’s falling apart so obviously — I mean, I don’t think Trump’s gonna make it through his whole term,” she says. “But he’s not the first one to have Goldman Sachs in his cabinet, he’s not the one that started fracking wholeheartedly. So where have we been? We’ve been asleep.”

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But Sarandon doesn’t think that’s a bad thing, noting that now everyone is “awake and scared.”

“If you’re acting and you’re paying attention — you have to constantly be calling your representatives,” she says. “And ultimately it could make a difference.”



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