$5 Russian Vodka Shots: D.C. Bar Start Pouring Early for ‘Comey Hearing Covfefe’

Set your clocks for the Comey Hearing Covfefe.

Shaw’s Tavern in Washington, D.C., opened early on Thursday morning to screen former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“You know you want to watch the drama unfold this Thursday,” the bar wrote on its Facebook event, “The Comey Hearing Covfefe.” “Grab your friends, grab a drink and let’s COVFEFE!”

The bar opened its doors at 9:30 a.m. and offered $5 Russian vodka shots, an “FBI” sandwich (a play on the BLT, it will feature fried chicken, bacon and iceberg lettuce) and an “FBI” breakfast (French toast, bacon and ice cream).

Patrons lined up to get in, with one Twitter user captioning a photo of the scene, “Current line to watch Comey hearing at Shaw’s Tavern in DC stretches for over a full block right now…”

Once inside, someone at the scene tweeted that the bar was filled with “eerie silence” as the proceeding started.

Rob Heim, general manager of Shaw’s Tavern, tells PEOPLE he was inspired to host the event after a friend invited him to watch Comey’s testimony over drinks. Since Heim had to work that day, he decided to bring the party to him.

“I remember I was visiting my mom at the time and she said, ‘Who would watch that?’ And I said, ‘In D.C., people would watch it.’ But I was shocked by how much interest we got in just a couple hours.”

On Facebook, more than 340 people have RSVPed yes to the event, while 2,500 have expressed interest in attending.

To accommodate the hundreds of expected attendees, Heim said the bar will open its second floor and show the hearing on up to 10 televisions.

“It should be a fun atmosphere,” Heim said. “We’re always pretty busy for any sort of political event but this is definitely the first congressional hearing that we’ll be showing.”

Patrons of Shaw’s won’t be the only ones on the edge of their barstools. Another bar, Duffy’s, will open early for the hearings and serve Covfefe cocktails, while The Pug is catering to patrons who prefer their drinks without a side of politics.

Indeed, the whole country is gearing up for “Comey o’ clock.”

Get your popcorn ready. The hotly anticipated congressional hearing — which will likely focus on private meetings between Comey and President Donald Trump —  is set to air live on the three major television networks: ABC, CBS and NBC.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/politics/dc-bar-comey-hearing-covfefe/


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