Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Drop it Low and Try the #SquatYourDog Challenge

Now that Ryan Seacrest has joined Live with Kelly Ripa there seems to be more animals on the show than ever. And we’re not complaining!

The most recent animal appearance was Ripa’s own pup Chewy. The host invited her fluffy dog onto the show on Friday to try out the #SquatYourDog challenge.

Popular on Instagram, this trend encourages dog owners to pick up their pups and do a squat.

Plenty of the pooch parents have made the furry workout look easy, but Ripa and Seacrest ran into a little trouble.

While Chewy didn’t mind doing one squat with mom, her tolerance for exercise seems to be pretty low (we feel ya, Chewy), because when Seacrest went to do his squat, Chewy decided she’d rather go for a walk instead.




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