Marnie the Dog and 15 More Adorable Pups (and One Cat!) Celebrating Pride Month

As any pet owner knows, one of the best things about about having a furry best friend is that their love is unconditional. Dogs (and cats) are all about showing affection and offering a peaceful paw-shake to any human who returns that care, respect and kindness.

This month in particular, pets are showing up to pride parades (and on social media) wearing their most colorful rainbow gear and woofing support — loud and proud — for their LGBTQ people.

Here’s celebrity pup Marnie the Dog expressing her extra special sense of pride:

But she wasn’t the only good girl showing her true colors. Popular pup community We Rate Dogs got in on the action, too:

Dogs just seem to innately know that “Love is love is love is love is love.”

There are a lot of good dogs at Pride 🐶

We think this pussycat just wants to be outside marching in the parade instead…




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