Ben Stiller and Ex-Wife Christine Taylor Share a Fiery Onscreen Reunion in Dodgeball Charity Video

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor are reuniting onscreen for the first time since their surprise split earlier this year.

The friendly exes, who announced their breakup in May after 17 years of marriage, aren’t letting the separation get in the way of a good cause. Stiller and Taylor reignited some of their fiery dialogue from 2004’s Dodgeball: An Underdog Story for a new charity reunion video sponsored by Omaze.

The short video sees Stiller back in character as megalomaniac gym manager White Goodman, while Taylor reprises her role as Kate Veatch, a lawyer who is constantly fighting off Goodman’s unwanted advances.

“Hello Kate, you’re looking sensual,” Stiller says in Goodman’s gravely voice.

“I just threw up in my mouth a little,” Taylor responds, echoing one of her memorable lines from the original film.

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Also making return cameos were Vince Vaughn, as Goodman’s business/romantic rival Peter La Fleur, and Justin Long, as a dorky gym-goer named (wait for it) Justin.

Stiller and Taylor have costarred in several other projects over the years, including Zoolander, Tropic Thunder, Arrested Development and Zoolander 2.

They’re parents to daughter Ella, 15, and son Quinlin, 11.



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