Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her Kids Jaden and Willow Have Moved Out: ‘I Don’t Even Have Time to Miss Them!’

Jaden and Willow Smith might be all grown up, but they still need quality time with mom and dad.

Jada Pinkett Smith opened up about raising her two teenage kids in the new issue of Haute Living, revealing that both Jaden and Willow have moved out of their childhood home.

“It’s funny, they’re not around, but they are!” she said.

While Jaden, 18, and Willow, 16, are busy traveling the globe for their own career endeavors, they still value time spent with their parents.

“I don’t even have time to miss them!” she joked, adding that she is in constant communication with her kids. “Willow loves to call me every day, and even Jaden, when he’s away on set, still needs to see Will and me when he gets homesick.”

Both Jaden and Willow have spoken about their strong bond with their parents in the past — even calling them their biggest inspiration.

“Growing up, all I saw was my parents trying to be the best people they could be, and people coming to them for wisdom, coming to them for guidance, and them not putting themselves on a pedestal,” said Willow.

“What my parents have given to me is not anything that has to do with money or success or anything that society says people should be focusing on – it’s something spiritual that only certain people can grasp and accept,” she continued. “And that’s how I act and move in the world today.”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/movies/jada-pinkett-smith-reveals-jaden-willow-moved-out/


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