Internet Stars Read ‘Kind Comments’ Ahead of VidCon 2017

What better way to gear up for VidCon 2017 than with a few kind words?

Some of the Internet’s biggest stars have teamed up with Instagram to put an uplifting twist on Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Mean Tweets with Kind Comments, in an attempt to spread kindness on the sometimes not-so-nice web.

” ‘So inspiring. You give so much hope to so many people,’ ” James Charles reads from one of his Instagram followers in an exclusive clip. “God that touches my heart so much.”

Web stars like Kristen Hancher, Ariel Martin, Trevor Moran, Justin Blake and more sport big smiles in the clip, as they read encouraging messages from their thousands (and even millions) if Instagram followers.

“You’re caring, helpful, humble and you still have that fire in you. And it’s not a forest fire either. It’s just a bonfire that gives you that beautiful attitude,” one Instagram user wrote to Martin.

Naturally, the uplifting message touched Martin’s heart: “I think that was one of the best things I’ve read ever. I love that.”

Meanwhile, in another message, an Insta-goer tells Justin Blake that they often watch Blake’s videos and smile.

The sweet clip is part of Instagram’s #KindComments campaign, a global movement to spread kindness on and off social media.

The campaign kicks off just days before some of the Internet’s top creators – -like Martin — take to VidCon and Anaheim, California, for the famed video conference.



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