La La Anthony: “I Don’t Think Anyone’s Mastered Love”

It’s been over a month since La La Anthony stirred a social media frenzy with her show-stopping picture at the 2017 Met Gala captioned “Unbreakable.” And unbreakable is exactly what she’s proving to be. Amid separation rumors from her 10-year relationship with NBA star Carmelo Anthony, the actress and mother is hard at work on several upcoming projects.

Aside from rooting on her 10-year-old son Kiyan at his basketball tournaments this summer, Anthony told Chica that she will be working harder than ever. The former MTV VJ will be releasing a clothing line with Lord & Taylor towards the end of the summer, promoting the newest season of the drama series POWER, coming fresh off the set of Furlough starring Whoopi Goldberg and working with Queen Latifah to bring her first book The Love Playbook to the big screen.

The movie adaptation of her 2014 book will have its similarities to romance films like Think Like A Man, which starred Anthony. “Nobody gets tired of watching movies about how to figure out love how to get it right,” the bestselling author told Chica at an event summer hosted by Arm & Hammer—which the actress teamed up with to reveal all the ways baking soda can be used. “I don’t think anyone’s mastered yet.”

Independence is key for the 37-year-old as she keeps her eye on the prize: her career. “I think being independent gives you a different confidence about yourself. It gives you more power, especially in certain relationships,” she said. “When you’re independent, you’re with somebody because you want to be there not because you feel like you have to be there. Being independent opens the doors to so many other things for you.”

La La has recently made headlines for her shocking split with Carmelo following a nearly decade-long relationship and seven years of marriage. However, the parents seem to be getting along amid split rumors. Tthe two were seen spending Mother’s Day together last month in New York City and the actress dedicated a post with a sweet message to the Knicks player on Father’s Day.

“Thank you for being Kiyan’s hero and a great dad. He’s the luckiest boy in the world. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY,” she captioned the video on Sunday.



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