Jewelry Heiress Victoria Swarovski’s Couture Wedding Dress Features a 5-Meter Train: PHOTOS

Being the heiress to the Austrian-based crystal company, Swarovski, comes with a lot of perks. There’s unlimited access to blinding jewelry, the ability to bedazzle everything in sight and free dibs on 500,000 crystals for your wedding dress. Austrian singer (and jewel heiress) Victoria Swarovski just tied the knot to her longtime boyfriend covered in her family’s crystals from head to toe. In fact, it’s so dazzling you’ll want to reach for your sunglasses before continuing to look at it.

The heiress married her fiancé, property investment Werner Mürz, in a fairytale Italian ceremony at Hotel Falisia in Portopiccolo. She chose a custom couture wedding gown by Dubai-based designer Michael Cinco that featured all-over Swarovski crystals, paillettes and laser-cut flowers. It was a classic princess A-line style featuring an opulent skirt and a sheer bodice covered in delicate appliqués along the neckline and sleeves.

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What’s even more shocking than the amount of jewels adorning the heiress was the size of her dramatic train. According to Cinco, the train of the gown measured 5 meters and was dripping with jewels.

During the reception, the bride changed into two other jewel-encrusted dresses. One was a silver strapless body-hugging number that was even more sparkly than the first. Then, she danced the night away in a red jeweled high-low gown with a tiered train, also by Cinco.

The singer posted a photo kissing the groom after her wedding writing, “I said YES to the love of my life!” And during her French honeymoon in Saint Tropez she wrote that she’s never been happier. “Can’t tell you how happy I am😍… thank you so much to everyone for your kind words feel so blessed,” she wrote.

What do you think of her wedding gown? Share below.



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