WATCH: Jessie James Decker Reveals How Carrie Underwood Inspired Her to Record New Song ‘Gold’

Life truly inspires art for singer-songwriter Jessie James Decker — and with her newly released EP Gold, which hit No. 1 on the iTunes Country Chart, and a happy family of four it’s no surprise she’s feeling golden in all aspects of her life.

In clips shared exclusively with PEOPLE, the country star performs an acoustic version of the EP’s title track at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and gives a behind the scenes look at the story behind the song.

“‘Gold’ is the theme of this whole record,” Decker, 29, tells PEOPLE. “It is about being grateful for all the love and happiness in my life.”

Decker explains that her best friend, songwriter Alyssa Bonagura, first sent her the tune when she started compiling songs for the five-song project, which was released in February.

“So she sent to me and within the email she says, ‘Carrie Underwood had this on hold,’” Decker says in the behind the scenes video. “At that moment I was like, ‘Well, she has excellent taste.’”

She continues: “I fell madly in love with this song, and I held onto it for over a year.”

After listening to the lyrics of “Gold,” Decker decided to make it the title of the entire project because of how closely it related to her life.

“Everywhere that I’m at in my life is gold,” she says. “That’s why it’s called gold.”

Now, Decker will be planting even deeper roots in Nashville as her NFL wide receiver husband Eric Decker signed a one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans.

“Happy Father’s Day and CONGRATS!!” Decker shared of the news on Sunday in an Instagram post of her husband and two kids — daughter Vivianne, 3, and son Eric, 1. “We love you daddy and so excited for the new chapter!! #homesweethome.”

Since Eric was released from the New York Jets earlier this month, the family will be returning to their Nashville home base full-time after living in New Jersey for football season.

“Eric is a total badass as you know and the future looks bright!!!” Decker tweeted when her husband and the Jets parted ways.



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