Watch Seth Meyers Try to Untangle the ‘Bizarre Spectacle’ of Trump’s Twitter and Legal Team

After President Donald Trump seemed to acknowledge in a tweet that he is under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for possibly obstructing justice, Jay Sekulow — a member of Trump’s legal team — largely denied that during a round of appearances on Sunday news programs.

Seth Meyers then chimed in with his take on the conflicting accounts, attempting to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the reported investigation. During the “A Closer Look” segment of Monday’s episode of Late Night, the host examined the Trump camp’s contradictory statements on the matter.

“If an official White House statement is milk at a grocery store, Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is the actual udder,” he said. “And yet a member of Trump’s legal team, Jay Sekulow, made the rounds on the Sunday shows and tried to act if the President had not said what he said, resulting in the bizarre spectacle of news anchors trying to square Sekulow’s claim that the president is not under investigation with Trump’s own tweet that he is under investigation.”

Watch the full clip above.

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