Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. Are the Stars of a Super Chill New In-Flight Safety Video

In case of a change in cabin pressure, let Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. show you how to put on your oxygen mask.

Air New Zealand may have found the one thing that will keep you from zoning out during their preflight safety instructions: two of your favorite celebs as the stars. In the airline’s latest video, titled “A Fantastical Journey,” Gooding Jr. and Katie Holmes, with the help of two actual flight attendants, demonstrate some safety features of your aircraft and prance around a weird and wonderful version of New Zealand’s surreal landscape.

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The airline is known for tapping some serious star power for their videos — Elijah Wood, Betty White and Richard Simmons have all previously made appearances.

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The trippy, four-minute film sees the actors, dressed in all-white, naming countries from the heavens — one guess as to which one Gooding Jr. names — and exploring the island nation they deem most beautiful, naturally, New Zealand. Amid instructions about finding your life vest under your seat and not tampering with smoke detectors, a Gulliver-size Gooding Jr. admires hot air balloons while donning his oxygen mask, while a shrunken-down Holmes photographs an exotic bird ten times her size.

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The message is a little mixed — it’s in turns mesmerizing and terrifying — but one thing’s for certain, passengers won’t be able to look away from the seat back in front of them.

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/home/katie-holmes-and-cuba-gooding-jr-star-in-air-new-zealand-flight-safety-video/


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