On Her 100th Birthday, Woman Shares Her Secret to Longevity: Wine

The fountain of youth has been available to us all along, according to 100-year-old Florence Bearse—and all you need is a wine-opener to get to it.

Bearse celebrated her 100th birthday on July 6 at the Westgate Center for Rehabilitation in Bangor, Maine. Surrounded by friends, balloons and cake, most of Bearse’s attention was focused on her favorite past-time and her secret to making it far into her golden years: good wine.

“I like my wine,” Bearse told WLBZ-TV, while wearing a pink and white Hawaiian lei. “Don’t take it away from me.”

Though she’s originally from Massachusetts, Bearse ran a restaurant in LaGrange for most of her life and jokes that customers knew what they were getting when they stopped in. “The people have taken me I think,” she said. “They understand me. That I’m crazy.”

During a live chat hosted on WLBZ’s Facebook page early Tuesday, Bearse was confused as to why people think making it to 100 is any big whoop.

“Why? What’s amazing about it?” she asked. “Just take care of yourself growing up. Do your hair, do your face, and take care of yourself. There’s nothing to it!”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/human-interest/on-her-100th-birthday-woman-shares-her-secret-to-longevity-wine/


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