Bella Hadid Got a New Teeny-Tiny Rose Tattoo

Most models starting out on their careers with visions of Vogue covers and couture catwalks in their eyes are advised by both their handlers and those in the industry to avoid getting anything permanently etched on their skin. After all, they’re working in a profession where their bodies are their business, or as  Kim Kardashian would say, why put a bumper sticker on a Bentley? But clearly this new generation of supers doesn’t ascribe to that old idea as not only has Kendall Jenner gotten a couple of innocuous tiny tattoos, but Bella Hadid has joined her as well, getting her second piece of body art on Monday courtesy of every celeb’s favorite artist, Jon Boy.

Bella got her very first tiny tattoo back in January, celebrating the announcement that she would be achieving a lifelong dream and walking in the Victoria’s Secret runway show with her sister Gigi. While she may only get to rock those over-the-top VS wings for a day, the model decided to make her Angel-in-Training status official by getting a tiny pair of wings placed permanently on the back of her right ankle. And apparently, she liked Jon Boy’s work so much, she went back for more.

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On Monday, the newest Nike ambassador headed once again to the tattoo artist’s Soho shop to expand upon her collection of body art. Bella teased the fresh ink on her Instagram stories in a boomerang showing Jon Boy hard at work on the back of her left arm over which she wrote, “one and only” with a rose emoji, foreshadowing the final image to come. The results of her time spent under the needle was revealed on Jon Boy’s Instagram account, a teeny-tiny, heavily detailed rose bud just over the top of her elbow. For a 20-year-old pretty much living the definition of La vie en rose it’s hard to think of a tattoo that could be more appropriate.

What do you think of Bella’s latest body art? What should she get done next? Sound off below!



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