2 People Unaccounted for After Gas Leak Explosion at Minneapolis Private Christian School

Two people remain unaccounted for following a gas explosion at Minnehaha Academy — a private Christian school for students in preschool through 12th grade — in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Wednesday.

Along with those unaccounted for, five people were taken to the hospital, with one in critical condition, Minneapolis police confirm.

Initially, the Minneapolis Fire Department reported that one person was killed but later said that was  “not confirmed.”

No children were hurt in the incident, although young girls were on campus for summer cross-country practice, as well as school basketball and soccer players, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Jack Mahler, a witness who was playing soccer nearby, recalls hearing someone yell, “gas,” before the explosion.

“We heard a man yell ‘gas’ and ‘get out’, and we saw one sprint down the street and one sprint into the building, kind of standing in the doorway, yelling it. About the time the man sprinting down the street got to the end down here there was a huge explosion,” Mahler told CBS Minnesota. “Smoke went up and knocked most of us back. It knocked me off my feet.”

Initial aerial views showed high flames and wreckage in the center section of the school building.

The fire is now out and emergency crews are going through rubble looking for the remaining missing persons, Minneapolis Police confirm.

Gov. Mark Dayton also issued a statement, saying the “state will provide any and all resources to aid first responders.”

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/human-interest/gas-leak-explosion-minneapolis-school/


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