Baby Signing and Tattoos! Parmalee Reveal Their Most Dedicated Fan Encounters

Nobody understands the meaning of dedication better than Parmalee fans do!

The country band visited PEOPLE Now to discuss their new album, 27861, and their extremely loyal fanbase. The album, which was released July 21 is the band’s first record in three and a half years, but lead singer Matt Thomas says fans and critics alike have reacted very well to it.

“ a lot of positive reviews on it which makes us feel good,” says Thomas. “Our fans have been waiting three and a half years to get an album from us and now they finally have it, so now we’re starting to see them sing the lyrics back.”

Having concert-goers sing lyrics back to them during performances is certainly rewarding for the band, but they revealed that it’s not the ultimate level of fandom. What is the most over-the-top fan encounter? Permanent ink to the skin.

“What has been happening a lot at meet and greets, we’re seeing a lot of Parmalee tattoos,” guitarist Josh McSwain reveals. “We’ve seen one with the entire lyrics to one of our songs. I’m talking about the lyrics to ‘Carolina’ on that girl’s back.”

And tattoos are just the beginning of it! The next best thing? Sharpies.

“We signed a baby’s head before,” admits Thomas, to which bassist Barry Knox added, “Like an infant’s head!”

Of course, Parmalee does get their fair share of “normal” fandom too, like kids wearing shirts with lyrics on it, but every fan encounter has been worthwhile for them.

“It’s really cool,” Thomas says. “It’s exciting for us.”

The band debuted their first single off their sophomore album, “Sunday Morning” in April. They’ve spent the last few months touring and are slated to perform around the country between Aug. 4 and Oct. 15.

27861 is available now and can be streamed on Spotify, Pandora, Play Music, iHeartRadio, and Tune In.



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