For $100, You Can Watch the Solar Eclipse While Camping with Baby Goats in Oregon


Unless you’ve been living under a bridge (maybe with some billy goats gruff?), you’ve probably caught wind of the once-in-a-lifetime celestial event that’s coming up: the total solar eclipse, which passes through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in completion on Aug. 21.

That’s right folks, the same state that brought us sloth sleepovers has a new animal gimmick up its sleeve to make sure the day is truly memorable.

According to Oregon Live, the McPhillips Farm in McMinnville, Oregon, is inviting around 100 guests to “join 35 very friendly goats in the middle of wine country for camping, BYOB cocktail party, local farm produce barbecue, swimming and cowboy blackberry pancake breakfast before and during the solar eclipse.”

The event will be kid friendly — and child friendly — with lots of opportunities to interact with not only baby goats, but also baby lambs and baby turkeys. The cost of a ticket? A solid $100 per person, which includes two days of camping, swimming dinner, breakfast, protective glasses and the opportunity to snuggle with baby goats under a hidden sun.

The invite on gives more details:

Sunday Aug. 20: Set up campsite along the banks of the South Yamhill River any time after noon. Swim, go blackberry picking, visit wineries, then join together for a BYOB cocktail party and barbecue of local meats, cheeses, greens and ice cream at 6 p.m. Projected movies and bonfire.

Monday Aug. 21: Cowboy breakfast with blackberry pancakes starting at 7:30 a.m. Join together in pasture at 10 a.m. in ring of hail bales 35 VERY friendly Toggenberg goats to watch the full GoatEclipse!

The McPhillips family also includes a note on the website saying that proceeds from the event will go toward legal fees in a battle to end the expansion of landfill territory in Oregon wine country.

There ya have it, baby goats —and a solar bonanza— all for a good cause! Hop on it now.




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