How Scott Foley Got in Shape for His Shirtless Scenes on Scandal — and His Go-To Cheat Foods


Each season on Scandal, you can expect a few things — incredible coats, giant glasses of wine and shirtless Scott Foley. To prep for his half-naked scenes, the actor turned to trainer Gunnar Peterson to get him in shape.

“Once Scandal came along, I wanted to make sure I was a little bit leaner than I was before knowing that my shirt was going to have to be off quite a few times,” Foley, 45, tells PEOPLE Now.

With the help of Peterson, he puts his body through weight training and cardio to slim down.

“Gunnar keeps me working out with weights a lot,” Foley says. “When I know I’m not going to be able to be in with Gunnar I do cardio at home. I have a little gym at home where I can work out with some weights, but most of the time it’s Gunnar focusing on larger muscles and making sure, most importantly, that I don’t hurt myself.”

The duo are also teaming up for the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival in Los Angeles on August 12, but for those that can’t make it, Peterson shares his number one tip for losing weight at home.

“Don’t wait on the weights,” Peterson advises. “Don’t start just with cardio to drop some weight. Start with big movements with weights; don’t be afraid of heavy weights. Lift them — obviously with proper technique, get someone who can teach you that or mimic things you see from a quality source online.”

And when Foley isn’t working away with Peterson, he has a few favorite treat foods.

“I’m a big baked goods guy, so it’s usually a chocolate chip cookie, but yesterday my wife, Marika , made this banana bread with chocolate chips in it, that I didn’t have four pieces of last night,” Foley jokes. “Anything baked with sugar and chocolate that my wife makes is my go-to.”



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