This Is the Carry-On Every Celeb Is Toting: Shop Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore and Karlie Kloss’s Go-To Bag

Celebrity’s airport fashion choices run the gamut, from comfy leggings (Oh hey, Kim K!) to the sexiest lace crop top (Ahem, Kendall), but whether an A-lister is flying under the radar or stepping out at Arrivals, one thing is almost always sure to make their airport shot: a really reliable, low-key carry-on.

And one in particular has been popping up in the company of celebs lately: the little black dress of luggage, Away’s simply named The Carry-On.

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The brand, founded by two former Warby Parker executives, has partnered up with Suki Waterhouse for a millennial pink-hued collaboration with her brand Pop & Suki, released a two-tone beauty with Madewell, paired up with West Elm for platinum and gold options, and donned minion yellow for a special issue roller celebrating the animated movie.

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But more often then not, you’ll see a celeb toting the classic black carry-on, which retails for a reasonable-in-the-luggage world, $225 (larger sizes go up to $295).

Mandy Moore, Karlie Kloss, Margot Robbie and Jessica Alba are Away loyalists. And Emily Ratajkowski, Adrien Brody, Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Banks and Gabrielle Union have all been spotted wheeling the cult favorite.

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The smart suitcase features USB ports for charging all your devices, a durable hard case and wheels that pivot 360 degrees for easily running to your gate (or dodging the paparazzi).



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