WATCH: National Watermelon Day Is the Best Dog Day of Summer

Remember in Dirty Dancing when Baby arrived at the cool staff party and said,  “I carried a watermelon”?

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Well, she may have been mortified, but dogs everywhere are doing happy dances just imagining the crisp, pink, tasty meat of the ultimate summer treat. And there’s no better date than Aug. 3 — National Watermelon Day! — to share the sweet and nutritious snack with your canine kid.

Need more convincing? Just ask “OG Watermelon Pup” Rolex the Frenchie:



Now, we know what you’re thinking: Is watermelon safe for dogs to eat? According to the American Kennel Club, the answer is yes. Watermelon is safe for your dog to eat, with a few precautions — remove the seeds and don’t let them chew on the rinds.

“The fruit itself is a health-food powerhouse, low in calories and packed with nutrients — vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium,” reports the AKC. Plus, it’s only 50 calories a cup and 92 percent water, which means it’s a super-hydrating snack on a hot summer day.

But enough science. We know you just want to see dogs going to town on the stuff:

So many dogs, so much melon.

Some prefer to gently lap the fruit, as if sampling a fine (dog) wine.

While other pups simply can’t contain their melon obsession.

And finally, the main event: Dog … Watermelon … Eating … Contest.

Tweet us the best pics and videos of your dog eating watermelon today to @peoplepets with the hashtag #watermelondogs and we’ll share our favorites!



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