When Cute Attacks! U.K. Courier Ambushed by a Litter of Adorable Puppies

It looks like a scene out of 101 Dalmatians, even if it’s really only seven border collie puppies.

The adorably precarious situation unfolded on July 22 and a video was posted to Facebook by Jon Ashe of Sussex in the U.K.

The post was also shared to the Sainsbury grocery store’s Facebook page, where it has since gone viral with more than 1 million views.

In the hilarious clip — which almost looks like a hidden camera prank show — a grocery delivery man arrives to a home, but is thwarted by adorable, playful puppies (and their mama) at every turn.

The courier struggles along a puppy-laden path, trying to reach the front door, until he finally (well, just about) reaches his destination.

In a comment, human puppy mom Jane Ashe writes, “I am the surrogate mum of this litter and this chap delivers to us a lot and he is brilliant … always great with the dogs and so gentle … He told us not to tell his missus we had border collie pups, or she’d want one … I guess the ‘dog’ is , out of the bag.”

Attention Sussex shoppers: 1 million orders of border collie pups, coming right up!

from PEOPLE.com http://people.com/pets/deliveryman-ambushed-by-puppies-video/


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