Another Royal Retirement! The Queen’s Favorite Carriage Horse, Daniel, Hangs Up His Saddle

Prince Philip isn’t the only member of Queen Elizabeth‘s royal household who retired this week.

Her favorite carriage horse, Daniel, is also trotting off into the sunset following a fruitful career after 15 years of drawing Her Majesty’s carriages.

It was a fitting job for the white horse, as he’s pretty majestic-looking himself. A “Windsor Grey,” Daniel, is set to retire at 22 after his service in the Royal Mews.

As the Queen’s favorite, he’s been present at a number of official occasions, like the State Opening of Parliament, Trooping the Colour and the Garter Day procession. Daniel also was the lead horse on the carriage that carried Prince William and Princess Kate through the streets of London after their wedding at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen loves him so much that she had a life-sized bronze Daniel statue made in homage to the animal.

Now, Daniel is set to spend his days rolling around in the grass at a Home of Rest for horses.

“He’s a handsome boy — but he knows he’s a looker,” Jeanette Allen, CEO of the Horse Trust, the organization that runs Daniel’s future home. “You could see that from the way he carried the Duke and Duchess to their wedding. Greys normally love mud but it took him days to roll in a puddle after he arrived here. He’s very refined.”

Refined? No wonder he was the Queen’s favorite!



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