WATCH: Kiss Monster! Thomas Rhett’s Daughter Willa Flees From His Kisses in This Adorable Video

Bring it on, kiss monster!

Thomas Rhett shared a cute video of his daughter Willa Gray, 20 months, playfully avoiding her dad’s kisses while in her mother Lauren‘s arms.

“Daddy! Nooo!!” she said.

“The kiss monster has arrived and he needs his kisses!” Rhett said.

“Say, bye daddy. Say bye,” Lauren said.

“Bye daddy! Nooo!!” Willa responded.

In May, Thomas Rhett and Lauren adopted daughter Willa Gray from Uganda.

Opening up to PEOPLE earlier this year about new fatherhood, Rhett admitted, “It is very weird to be called ‘Dad’ by a little human being. But it is one of the coolest feelings in the world. Nothing beats that.”

The family’s days as a trio are numbered as Lauren is expected to welcome their second child in August.

The pair first met back in the sixth grade and were friends for years before dating as teens in high school. They tied the knot in 2012.



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