Is Jimmy Kimmel Spoofing the Bachelor in Paradise Sex Scandal — with Babies?!


Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s parody of Bachelor in Paradise appears to reference to the sex scandal between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson that interrupted the show’s production and made headlines back in June.

The segment, titled “Baby Bachelor in Paradise,” consists of toddler actors in familiar Bachelor-esque scenes.

The apparent reference to ultimately dismissed accusations of misconduct that centered on an encounter between Olympios, who is white, and Jackson, who is African America. The start of Kimmel’s spoof shows two children — a white girl and an African American boy — looking into each other’s eyes, smiling and nearly rubbing noses as Kimmel narrates that Baby Bachelor in Paradise will have “all of the passion, all of the drama” of its adult counterpart.

The rest of the bit includes kids bickering and telling each other stuff like, “That’s my husband!” and “Get out of here. He doesn’t want you!”

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Though Warner Bros. and Olympios’ team ultimately concluded no wrongdoing, the scandal did change how Paradise producers approached filming in order to ensure everyone’s safety on the set of Bachelor franchises.

PEOPLE did not receive an immediate request for comment from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has spoofed The Bachelor and Bachelorette previously, and is frequently the go-to late-night destination for interviews with The Bachelor and Bachelorette when the shows are in season.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights (11:35 p.m. ET), and Bachelor in Paradise returns Aug. 14 at 8 p.m. ET — both on ABC.



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